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Welcome to the African Automotive design movement

Welcome to the beginnings of a new design movement, in the dynamic field of Automotive design.

Welcome to The "African Automotive Design Association"


Local Motorhead said…

Great work. I am inspired by your force of vision for Africa. I agree and will do what I can to help. I am posting you in my blog tonight.

Bravo, and keep the faith.

Go Local!

Jay Rogers
CEO and Co-Founder
Local Motors, Inc.
G.P. said…

Is this group still active? I'm interested in joining. I like to design cars as well as the chassis and drive systems, especially electric drive.

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Who or what is AADA ?

In German the Bauhaus Movement emerged from an art school named The Bauhaus school; It had a profound impact on the development of Design and Architecture in the twentieth century. It was truly avant-garde in it’s techniques and ideas. Its practice spread through Europe and made a major impact in the US, introducing the world to the amazing sky scrappers.

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The African Automotive Design Association or "AADA", defines its self as a community / group / assembly, of Automotive designers, Artists, Architects, craft persons, students and enthusiasts, who seek to promote Africa's rich culture and heritage through the study of Automotive design.

AADA is the first African Automotive design association of its kind.

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